Guild Rules

*ACTIVITY-All members will be required to maintain a high level of weekly log in’s,anyone who will be away longer than a few days will need to inform a higher level member.Anyone who is inactive for 7 days or more without notice will be removed from the guild,however when you return if you inform us of circumstances you may be allowed reentry(we know things happen sometimes)
*CONTRIBUTION -All members will be required to donate at least 100 silver daily(rewards for the dailies often give you more back).And additionally any member Lvl 40+ will be required to have a weekly CP of 700+(this is necessary for you to receive guild rewards from events like Guild Showdown)
*PARTICIPATION-All members need to run guild 2v2 and guild boss daily. This will not be monitored or enforced unless extreme neglect is discovered.
*SHOWDOWN-The 4 members taken to showdown will be comprised of the members most likely to win, e.g highest level&best cards, and will be cycled out weekly. The decision for showdown teams will be discussed within guild and will based on many factors such as team synergy and experience.

*BAD SPORTSMANSHIP-Ragequitting,Harassing,uncouth behavior,slander, and the like will not be tolerated.
*DRAMA-This is a drama free guild. If anyone has an actual problem with another member you may bring it to the attention of the president or higher member(if it is the president you have a problem with) and it will be addressed. At no time is anyone to start a cursing match or pissing contest.